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Art of Democracy: In the Land of the Blind

Two Virtual Raffles!

Buy a “virtual” raffle ticket for a chance to win Art of Democracy paraphernalia!



purchase RAFFLE A tickets for a chance to win
a signed print valued at $50 - $250*

RAFFLE A TICKETS: $20 each or 3 / $50

(click images for larger view and more information)
raffle item 1
item A1
raffle item 2
item A2
raffle item 3
item A3
raffle item A4
item A4
raffle item A5
item A5
raffle item A6
item A6
raffle item A7
item A7
raffle item A8
item A8
item A9

*Print value determined according to the Art of Democracy In the Land of the Blind organizer’s humble, somewhat educated opinion.



purchase Raffle B tickets for a chance to win
a print or a t-shirt valued at $5 - $25**

RAFFLE B TICKETS: $5 each or 5 / $20

(click images for larger view and more information)
raffle item 4
item B4
raffle item 5
item B5
raffle item 6
item B6
raffle item 7
item B7
raffle item 8
item B8
raffle item 9
item B9
raffle item 10
item B10
raffle item 11
item B11
raffle item B12
item B12
raffle item B13
item B13
raffle item 9
item B14
raffle item B15
item B15

**Value of prints & t-shirts estimated according to common sense.

To buy a ticket:

Visit www.paypal.com and send payment to csbardey@yahoo.com. Please include your phone number and specify which raffle tickets (A or B) you're buying. Also please indicate which item would be your 1st, 2nd, & 3rd choice in the event that you win the raffle.

A ticket will be filled out for you on our end, and put it into the hat for the drawing.

You must have a paypal account to buy a ticket.


You can buy as many tickets as you like until March 21, 2009.

Money from the raffle goes to a fund that will help NMSU students go to Chicago to attend a print making conference.

If you have any questions, contact Chris Bardey at csbardey@yahoo.com or 773-263-4106.

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