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In The Land of the Blind


In the Land of the Blind

M Gallery at 406 Main St. in Truth or Consequences, NM will present ART OF DEMOCRACY, In the Land of the Blind – an exhibit of more than fifty (that’s right 5-0) political artworks by regional and national artists, running February 7 – March 31, 2009.

The Art of Democracy National Coalition is featuring exhibits in over 40 cities nationwide during the fall of '08 and spring of '09.

The exhibit will feature fifteen local artists as well as thirty artists from around the country, including Texas, California, Puerto Rico, New York and Massachusetts.

Two politically charged Opening Receptions for ART OF DEMOCRACY, In the Land of the Blind… will be held on February 14th and March 14th, 2009, from 6-9pm during the T or C Art Hop. Both receptions will feature a t-shirt and poster raffle. Proceeds from the raffles will go toward a student trip to Chicago for the annual printmaking conference in March.


For more information, contact Moshe Koenick.

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