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(see work from the show)

Why? Because we’re here. Because we’re all visual artists. Because we dote on each other’s work. And because we take great pride in exhibiting as a group.

R. WM. WINKLER comes from a ranching background, a career as an agricultural journalist and avocation as a sculptor. When he retired from the corporate world, he opened a contemporary art gallery in northern California and ran that for eight years. He then closed the gallery and began sculpting full time. His longhorn sculpture, JOY, is on display as one of T or C’s ventures into public art. The work he will be exhibiting at M for WINKLERS DISTILLED will be collages telling the tale (remember that journalism background of his) of the Winkler family’s connection in the Kentucky Bourbon industry during its earliest period.

NOLAN WINKLER traded in a commercial art business in Los Angeles for fine art, beginning with an exhibition in Santa Fe, NM, where she moved in 1980 (Maurianna Nolan at that time). Numerous Artist in Residence Fellowships around the country, plus residing in 3 foreign countries for short periods throughout the years have been big inspirational movers for her work. Nolan is now working via poetic and lyrical inspirations, which will be shown in a series of drawings over monotyped backgrounds for WINKLERS DISTILLED.

MARK WINKLER received his BFA at the Academy of Art (San Francisco). He has worked in television, interactive media, and internet design, animation and has held positions as art director and senior designer.Years ago, he left the commercial world of art to pursue fine art full time. Mark works in a variety of media including painting, drawing, photography, digital media and animation. He has shown at SF bay area juried shows and film festivals. Mark says that chance and instinct are the primary driving forces in his work. A dialogue between painting and the mass media. What emerges is a new form, where something lost in translation is always welcome.

TODD WINKLER has exhibited sculptures in Taos and Santa Fe and T or C since the 1990’s. He now
 makes art furniture for his and his wife, Anne’s, business. For this exhibition he goes back to painting, one of his most creative outlets. His work, though humorous at times, serious at times, is, at the very least extremely thought provoking.

ANNE O'SULLIVAN WINKLER received her BFA in Painting from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth.  She has exhibited her work in Boston, Providence, Los Angeles, Tucson, T or C and Taos.  She is co-owner of Westwink Furniture in Santa Fe.  She will exhibit figurative painting.

detail of Nolan's Bourbon piece

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