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1.18.09Ralph Edwards Stencil

After a trip to Mexico I came back inspired to do stencils. The initial idea was to tag the dumpsters in town with the Ralph Edwards stencil. I figured since he is of one of the town's heroes, no one would mind too much. But then I thought if I ever got caught, I would be front page news for one (if not both) of the local papers - and not in a good way. So began the stencils on matboard, records, and old wood.

In November 2008, I made 50 stencils to be given out to anyone who came to my gallery and signed my guestbook. All were numbered & signed. I am happy to say all 50 are now out in the world, hopefully bringing someone joy.

If you are one of the lucky ones who got one, please let me know which one you got and what city it is in. I will be updating the images with the city they are in as your emails trickle in.